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Zevk Oil factory begins to its trade life by Şükrü Cemal Güzeloğlu in 1993 as Gülpaş Gıda Pazarlama at Konya, Toptancılar Site. In 1994, our company which focused on vegetable oil production, has begun producing with the brand name of ZEVK, with the notion of ‘’quality for custormers’ health’’. Our product portfolio included ZEVK and BOĞAZİÇİ brand names that have been producing sunflower oil, corn oil, nuts oil, soy oil, canola oil, cotton oil and lastly olive oil.

İn 1998 Güzeloğlu Gıda ve İhtiyaç Mad. Nak. Amb. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.’s production continued at Konya Büsan Organiza Sanayi region with 3500 m2 indoors and 6000 m2 outdoors area. With comprehending the importance of product quality and customer satisfaction our company has grown rapidly, therefore in 2006 decides to turn into a facility. In 2007, At 3. Organize Sanayi Region with 20.000 m2 open and 8.000 m2 closed area, with 120 ton/per day production capacity, formed refined oil plant with the latest technologies. With the equipment which has been supported from Europe’s diverse countries and also with automation control untouched production has begun for ZEVK Yağ Sanayii in 2007, May. In order to serve in the best way possible the latest technologies always have been followed by our company and our machine track has been redesigned. Quality Control Labs’ technical needs have been completed and Ar-Ge labs have been operational since. In order to form the consumer satisfaction, create healthy and flawless products, protect the product quality, the raw materials meticulously go through labs’ control.

ZEVK oil factory’s first aims are to increase the plantation of oil seeds, form new employment areas, and in order to come up with new ideas about the regional agriculture, aims to construct new raw oil production facilities that focuses on Soy, Sunflower and Canola seeds. ZEVK oil factory also has started its efforts for this notion.

By understanding the request of domestic market and export for margarine; in order to answer these requests has begun feasibility actions. Our firm soon will be able to reach to this goal and serve margarine type products to our customers of course under the quality of ZEVK.

ZEVK oil factory; ISO 9000 Quality Management System and HACCP 13001 Food security management Systems are established in 2003 and have been applied since. IN 2007 HACCP 13001 has been replaced with ISO 22000 Food Security and Management System.

ZEVK Oil factory; the one who never gives up on its product quality, beginning with Konya, inner regions of Anatolia, Aegean, East Anatolia, Southern East Anatolia, Mediterrenean Sea and Black Regions are provided with our products with services still.


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